5 Reasons Every College Student Needs Self Storage

23 June 2022
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Are you or your family member heading off to college out of town? If so, a self-storage unit is one underrated tool that not enough college students realize they need. How can this help you or your college student thrive in school? Here are a few important ways.  

1. Storage Between Semesters

Most college students have to vacate their on-campus housing during the summer. If living off-campus, they may still go home for the season. Packing up all your stuff and transporting it between your homes is complicated and can get expensive. Save time, effort, and money with a storage unit. 

2. Secure Storage

Any student who shares a dorm or apartment with others needs to have access to a storage area they can lock up. Whether you know your roommates well or not, anything can happen while you're away or busy with work and classes. Keep a small storage unit near campus for easy access and you'll always know your things are safe. 

3. Clutter Prevention

Few students spend their college careers in spacious housing. For most, it's a small apartment or dorm which is often shared with others. Extra stuff can quickly get out of hand, making things even smaller and more cramped than they need to be. Combat this common problem by having a place to put extra belongings or to rotate things that you don't use that often, like sports equipment or extra clothes. 

4. Clearing up Space at Home

Once you or your child leaves home for college, what will become of the unused space at home? Some parents can keep their adult child's room intact for the duration, but many people need that space for other things. A younger sibling might want to move in, Mom or Dad may need an office, or it might be time to start a home business, for instance. By making storage room available near the college, all those extra belongings don't have to take up space at home. 

5. Staying Ahead of Competition

Do you anticipate needing a storage unit in the near future, usually as the summer break looms? If so, you may find that waiting results in everything near campus being full or overpriced. Prime, convenient storage locations will fill up first as everyone rushes out to do the same thing. If you get a spot early, you don't have to scramble along with your neighbors. 

Where to Start

Could your family's time in the college experience be better with a storage unit? If you face any of these potential problems, the answer is probably yes. Start by learning more about storage facilities near your college today.