Four Things To Do When Your Kids Go Off To College

28 June 2017
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You've done a great job raising your kids, and now the last one is going to college. This is a big time to consider what you can do for yourself to make this transition great:

Put Their Items in Storage

The first item on your checklist is deciding what to do with the rest of your son or daughter's stuff since they probably didn't take everything to their dorm room. While it may be tempting to leave the room exactly as it is, that can make it harder to process the fact that they no longer live in your home. Plus, there are probably many things you can do with that extra bedroom, from creating a yoga studio to renting the spare room out to someone. So, consider options for a self-storage rental. That way, your child can still get back those items if they will need them in the future.

Take Up a New Hobby

Another productive thing to do during this time is take up a hobby that's something you've thought was really interesting, but might not have had time to do it while you were raising kids. That will help you use your newfound time in a way that's a positive step forward.

Set Aside Money for Vacation

You've probably got fewer daily expenses in your household with one less person, so why not take some time to travel? See family members that you haven't had the time or money to see in a while, or visit a foreign country that you've always been curious about. The effects of going on vacation are many, from rekindling curiosity, to giving you a paradigm shift that will jog other ideas about what you want out of your life.

Consider a Remodel

You could also channel some extra money into a remodel of your home. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are popular since they are often heavily used rooms that may need a pick-me-up. Updating the siding of your home or changing the landscape are other moves that you can take to give your home a fresh start. And, maybe you'll be entertaining more often in the near future; how about creating an outdoor patio for your guests? There are plenty of remodeling options to follow, depending on how much money you can devote to it. In short, the steps mentioned here will help you create a new lifestyle without live-in kids; you've got to start somewhere!